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.....and the Caravan Site is open!

It's the 23rd July 2021 and our touring caravan site is OPEN! We are excited to welcome our first guests tonight, it's been a busy week in some incredible sunshine getting everything finished off. Bits and pieces moved and tidied up, the fire extinguishers and notice boards in place. We've got picnic tables on the island so you can relax and take in the view. It has been really hard work but we can't wait to see our guests arrive.

As well as this we have been making hay while the sun shines as well - literally! The small bales (nearly 1500!) are now safely gathered into the barn waiting to be built into a 'bay'. This is quite a skill and a job I love to do every year. If you don't get it quite right the sides bow out and the whole bay can fall down!

The round bales are still on the field at the moment to make sure they are perfectly cool before we stack them in the shed. If they are stacked too soon they can get hot and go on fire and nobody wants that!

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