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Busy busy

I'm a bit late with the blog this week. From a fairly quiet week we have well and truly hit the ground running this week! We had a fabulous review from our weekends guests which is a fabulous set up to the week - 'glampmazing' which I think is a super word!

We were busy shearing this week which is an epic task. We shear all of our mature sheep once a year when it gets warm to keep them cool. I really look forward to shearing every year, it is such a team effort, we are lucky to have a fantastic gang of Shearer's who come back every year, not to mention the wool wrappers who wrap all of the fleece and put it into bags ready to go to the wool board. The highlight of the day is definitely the spread mum puts on to keep everyone fed and watered throughout the day, as well as moving groups of sheep about! It's a hot and sweaty job but so much fun! It was quite an experience for the dogs too. We are without a fully trained sheep dog at the moment so the young pups stepped up and got all of the sheep in and took them back - quite a learning curve for them!

All this whilst motoring on with a secret project - you will have to keep following the blog and watching out on Instagram for updates!

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