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Frodesley Hall Farm

Our family have been farming in Frodesley since the turn of the twentieth century. It's incredible to think how much the farm has changed since then when there would have been 10 workmen, horses working the land and dairy cows - this was predominantly a dairy farm.

When Eric (of E Davies and Son) bought the farm in the 1940's I am sure he wouldn't have been able to imagine people coming to stay in a Shepherds hut on holiday!

In the early 2000's it became obvious that the existing buildings weren't fit for purpose, from a practical and health and safety point of view so we built the new buildings which you come through on your way to the Shepherds Hut.

We had a small paddock which came about due to the change in layout of the buildings and we decided best use of it would be holiday accommodation, and what could be more appropriate on a sheep farm than a Shepherds Hut, albeit one more comfortable than the ones from last century ! Farming has altered considerably since our ancestors came to Frodesley. We consider ourselves custodians of the land and do our best to farm in a sympathetic way. More about that in the next blog! The photo in this blog is how things used to be done - much more manual, I like to imagine lots of hot sun and fun - although I suspect there are a lot of rose tinted spectacles in my imagination!

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