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Stick another snag on the barbie...

It's safe to say, I love food. Locally sourced, tasty, high provenance food I could eat it all day! I recently tried some Welsh sheep's milk cheese - who knew that sheep could produce a delicious blue or a creamy soft cheese, imagine if we could milk our sheep....but I digress.

We live in such a great food area with Shrewsbury Food Festival on 24th/25th June and Ludlow food festival in September. Shrewsbury Market Hall has the most diverse range of cafes and tastes - Asian, Indian, Thai and amazing cake.

We have a fantastic local butcher in Church Stretton - Hough & Sons, who produce 'from gate to plate' - low food miles and high quality food. We love their barbeque packs with Honey & mustard chicken kebabs and lamb and mint burgers. Not to mention their picnic goodies such as quiches, sausage rolls and scotch eggs. Definitely worth visiting Church Stretton for.

We love to buy our milk from Proper Good Dairy - an organic milk producer in Church Stretton with their happy cows. The milk is delicious and comes in glass bottles which can be used again and again. They have milk vending machines in Shrewsbury and Church Stretton so you can refill as you need. Pasturised but not homogenised so you get that lovely creamy top on the bottle (if you get there first!)

Just a mile down the road at Oak Apple farm shop they have fresh produce (also stockists of Proper Good Dairy), lots of yummy goodies, and is the home of the renowned Cheese Nibbles and Chiltern Liqueurs. Not only that they offer home cooked ready meals for you to finish off in the oven and on special occasions offer their 'finish at home' delish meals.

Even more local, by the caravan site we have jams and honey, all made by Paddy in Frodesley, together with our fresh free range hen and duck eggs.

They say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach - that's definitely true in my case!

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