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❄️ What a week!

Well, that was a week of two halves! Following on from a really busy half term where we were fully booked, the sun shone, there was lots of families on our campsite and the lambs were popping out all over the shop! We started the week off managing to catch up on some jobs in-between the first bunch of 270 sheep to lamb and the second bunch which hadn't yet started. Ian managed to get some field work done and I managed to get some sheep to fields further away from the buildings.

Fast forward to Thursday and with the children home from school it was all hands on deck to get extra hay and feed out to the sheep and make sure they were all ok in the snow. Everything takes much longer in the snow but luckily our pregnant sheep kept their lambs in their tummies during the really cold snap !

We brought two poorly lambs in off the field who had got really cold in the snow and they had 24 hours in the kitchen to warm them through and make sure they were ok. They are now back down in the shed and will be bottle fed. I'm quite excited about bottle feeding them, as children we had lots of lambs that we spent hours with, even as grown up sheep they knew their names and would gallop up the field to meet you 😍. Hopefully the snow is receding and spring can make it's way in - they do say if March comes in like a lion 🦁 it will go out like a lamb 🐑. Fingers crossed this will be the case!


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