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Embracing nature

I just love the smell of new mown grass. I have been cutting the grass at the Caravan Site and the Shepherds Hut today.

Whilst we love to make it as tidy as possible you might notice some long areas of grass around under the trees and by the entrance. We leave these for as long as we can (until they start to go down) as they are great havens for wildlife. We have hares which play under the apple trees and a pair of partridge that live in the little wood by the caravan site. This is one reason we ask for dogs to be kept on leads, we love dogs here but we feel so privaliged that these wild animals choose to build their homes so close to us. We do have a hedgehog as well but he is seldom seen!

If wildlife is your thing keep your eyes peeled for Red Kites who swoop and soar over us, as well as four Oyster Catchers who are making their home with us. We also have a pair of Canadian geese on our pool who have just appeared with a baby gosling - they are very protective so viewing is advised from a safe distance!

I have got some more flowers to pot up so a lovely week playing in the garden!

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