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Glamping at Frodesley

Updated: May 20, 2021

Today I was doing some field work and as I stopped not 100 yards from me were two hares playing. Just bouncing about and playing chase. I was absolutely mesmerised to see wildlife and nature so close without feeling threatened, which got me to thinking about what the Shepherd’s Loft has to offer.

Camping is defined as leaving urban areas or your home region to enjoy nature. Glamping or “Glamorous Camping” means that you get to enjoy nature without the need to worry about packing a tent or airbed. This is exactly what you get at The Shepherd’s Loft. A cosy shepherds hut, all set up and ready for you to arrive. No need to worry about packing your car to the rafters and setting up when you have had a long journey. No need to worry about packing away a soggy tent and airing it at the end of your holiday to then have to pack it away again. We provide bedding, crockery, cutlery, a barbeque, a hot shower and flushing toilet. Even a few luxuries such as a digital radio and a solar powered power pack which means that you can charge your mobile phone or straighten your hair!.

All this in the middle of a field, for the duration of your stay a private area you can exist with nature, listen to birdsong, see the sunrise, or if you are lucky see the hares playing. Switch off from the outside world and just.....exist in the now.

During your stay you will likely see Graham and Kath checking the sheep, Ian feeding the cattle over the hedge, or me taking the children for a ride on the donkeys. Don’t hesitate to stop us for a chat and see what we are up to. We love to chat with our guests but we won’t intrude on your stay.

And that is a very quick introduction to what you can expect from glamping at Frodesley. Keep an eye on our facebook and instagram pages to see what we are up to on the farm, I will be back with another blog soon!.

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