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Half term is coming!

It's been a busy week on the farm this week, we have been sowing grass seeds and putting fertiliser on the grass so that we have lots of yummy green stuff for the cows and sheep to eat. We have also been TB testing the cows which we have to do every six months and is always a nerve wracking time.

The weather however is beautiful and we are very much looking forward to half term. We can't wait to take the boys on a day out, there is so much to do it is almost impossible to choose! Whatever we decide to do, I know the boys are desperate to visit Beefy Boys in Shrewsbury for a delicious burger - they really are not to be missed !

Recently added to my 'to visit' list is RAF cosford. Just 40 minutes away from us and entry is free which is always a bonus on a fanily day out.

Over half term there is a 1940's vintage weekend, full of immersive experiences and handicraft workshops and performances by Shrewsbury Morris dancers.

There is also a wonderful display at Shropshire Ironworks centre - a source of great excitement in our car whenever we drive past the big Transformer who guards the entrance.

Even closer to home is Wroxeter Roman City, where you can explore the remains of the bath house or the reconstructed Roman villa. Wroxeter was once the fourth largest Roman city in Britain and was almost as big as Pompeii!

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