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Harvest - done

Harvesting is finished at Frodesley

This weather is amazing! I'm sat here enjoying the sunshine while the combine purrs away in the field. I had all but packed away the fans and the summer clothes and this little burst of yellow has popped along so that we can finish our combining.

We have 'undersown' this field - basically at the same time that the barley was planted we planted grass seeds and the crops grew at the same time. This means that in three weeks we should be able to graze this field rather than plough it, work it and wait for new seeds to establish.

It's been a whole new experience this summer, with the new caravan site and our Shepherds Hut we have met over 100 new people without even going anywhere! It really has been a whirlwind but a really exciting one. We know how lucky we are to have such lovely scenery around us but the opportunity to stop and take it in when giving directions or pointing out places is a real unexpected bonus! Having already had some repeat bookings it is so lovely to see others appreciate it too. Plus it is always cheaper to book direct rather than through an OTA 😉.

We will be open all year so we can't wait to see what the next few months will bring 🙂

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