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Well it has been absolutely glorious here this week. Our resident weather man told us that when the moon changed last Wednesday the weather following would be pretty settled for a fortnight afterwards - it is looking pretty accurate at the moment! We haven't been too busy this week so it has been nice to have a slightly slower pace and enjoy the nature around us. I love to go and sit by the pool, the Swallows arrived a while ago now and they put on quite a display swooping and dipping in for a drink. The dragonflies have been buzzing around like brightly coloured helicopters. The sun has really picked out the yellow Iris which are flowering all around the pool, which as well as looking so pretty provide a great area for the Carp to hide in. The Carp have been in the pool since it was developed around 15 years ago, some are really quite big and it can be quite fascinating to sit and watch them swimming near the surface and spawning as the water warms up. We offer fishing for people who stay at The Shepherd's Loft. It really is quite peaceful to just sit and chill around the pool watching it all going on.

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Love this, so peaceful 😌



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