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Summer sun....

We have had our caravan site open for just over two weeks, and what a two weeks it has been! We have loved meeting lots of different people! It is such a thrill to become a small contributor to someone's journey whether it is someone out for one night trying out a new campervan, or seasoned caravanners who are making their way from Lands End to John O Groats. It is inspiring to hear about people's travels and we are already making a bucket list of places to visit based on the stories we have heard! We are always listening for new ideas and ways to improve, our next project is to make a better washing up station for those in campervans, we now have a big catering sink which will be perfect, we just have to plumb it in.

In other news the weather has been slightly daggledy which has enabled us to slow it down a gear now that the first combining has been done and the first hay has been made. As the nights draw in - that famous saying that once the Shrewsbury Flower show has been the nights draw in, and they are - we are starting to look towards the new year. It won't be long before the ewes and tups meet and we start to plan our lambing for next year, but in the meantime I gather there is another heatwave pencilled in by the BBC which gives a few more paddling pool days yet before we have to break out the winter coats.

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