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The best sheep of all time.....

The year was 1992 and in amongst our flock of Suffolk sheep we also had some new 'continental' sheep (mostly texels). Some of these sheep had multiple lambs and were unable to rear all of them and so Jaci and I had responsibility for feeding and looking after these lambs. The first ones we had Jane and Celia (names chosen to follow the first letters of our names) were quickly followed by Clarissa/Rissa ( Clarissa explains it all), June (Ackland - from the TV show The Bill), Jack and Vera (Coronation Street), and Gillian (Auntie), George and Gemima (Puddleduck). These were the best educated group of lambs in Frodesley, quite possibly in the country as we spent hours with them, giving them school lessons, teaching them to walk on leads and having races and generally just keeping them company. These lambs were such favourites they all stayed their days out here on the farm, lasting well into their teens. They were great sheep and had their own personalities. Celia would always be first in the shed and Jane was always last! They were always fussed and loved even when they became too big to sit on our laps. So what more fitting tribute than to name our caravan pitches after them and share their story with all of our visitors! More on the rest of the gang next week!

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